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LENI ACOSTA KNIGHT is a Honolulu based artist. She has over 25 years of expertise in public relations, project management and marketing of projects in various industries along with an extensive experience in the sales and purchases of commercial properties. She is well traveled and visited several countries within five continents. Just recently, Leni devoted all her time as a full time artist and is dedicated to help worthwhile projects through her art.

Artist's Statement: "As a symbolist artist, my artwork focuses more on subjective meanings of images than on style or technical skills. The objects and themes I choose to draw or paint reflect my passion for philosophy and poetry. I place subtle layers of abstract yet quiet meanings and deliberate contradicting surface messages in my artwork, allowing the less hurried viewer to spend a discerning moment to conclude that what is felt by seeing it may either be provoking, disagreeable or simply amusing. " 

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Leni Acosta is represented by Tabora Gallery. 
In Historic Haleiwa Town
66-160 Kamehameha Highway