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TOUCH ME NOT (NOLI ME TANGERE) 20x13”, Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Print gilded with Genuine 24 Carat Gold Dust, Charcoal, Graphite, Pastel, Colored Pencil 

​Symbolism: Romantic,Dreamlike, Sociohistorical, Cultural Fashion Representation, Guardianship of Innocence

"Touch Me Not" comes from the literal translation of the epic novel entitled, Noli Me Tangere, written in 1884 by Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines' national hero. The novel exposed inequalities and corruption of the ruling government including power and sex abuse by Catholic priests during the Spaniard’s colonization. It was instrumental in igniting the 1896 Philippine Revolution to fight for the country's independence from Spain. This art piece was exclusively created for the Philippine American Fashion and Art Show, a charitable event produced by Liza Yogi, founder of Hawaii Business Network, held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Inspiration of this drawing came from a gown designed by world renowned Filipina fashion designer, Cora Manimbo. The actual gown was a rich ornated Philippine Muslim wedding dress with back floor swept in gold and bronze colored silk organdy with gold metallic embroidery detailed in embellishments. The image of the gold bracelet was inspired by Philippine’s award winning jewelry designer Oskar Atendido’s gold cuff bracelet. The facial image reference is from model Jasmine Knight's photo taken by award winning creative consultant, Kit Rogers.